B.A., English and Cinema Studies, University of Pennsylvania; M.A., English, University of Pennsylvania
Research interests: Victorian/Edwardian theatre, entertainment, and literature, early film studies


“‘The Birds and the Stars, and the Chimney Sweeps’: Revisiting the Anti-Capitalist Moral World of ‘Mary Poppins’ in Light of its New Sequel,” Politics/Letters Live (2019).

“Witches Who Work: Female Patriarchal Caretakers in Chilling Adventure of Sabrina,” Politics/Letters Liver  (2019).

“The Lady is a Detective,” Lapham’s Quarterly (2018).

“The Serve-Us Industry,” The Baffler (2018).

“Blood Brothers: Dracula vs. Nosferatu,” Public Books (2017).

“Stolen Oscars,” Politics/Letters (2016).

“Six Amazing Oscar Heists, and Five Happy Endings” Vanity Fair (February 2016).

Artistic Work:

Writer, Renée Fleming: Christmas in New York, PBS Television, Sureel Films (August 2014).

Writer/Director/Editor, “Walden,” The Toast (2014).

Costume designer, seamstress, Antony and Cleopatra: Infinite Lives, New York International Fringe Festival (2013).

Costume designer, seamstress, Antony and Cleopatra: Infinite Lives, Philadelphia Fringe Festival (2013).


“The Performing Detective: Investigation, Audience, and Acting in Victorian Entertainment.”