Recent and Current Dissertations

Minou Arjomand, “Theatre on Trial: Staging Postwar Justice in the United States and Germany” (2013)

Michi Barrall, “Brand New Worlds: Disney’s Theatre Assemblages” (2019)

Joseph Cermatori, “Traditions of the Baroque: Modernist Stagings of a Concept Between Theory and Performance” (2016)

Alice Clapie, “The Fear of Degeneration in Late Victorian and Edwardian Drama”

Amanda Culp, “Searching for Shakuntala: Sanskrit Drama and Theatrical Modernity in Europe and India, 1789-Present” (2018)

Danielle Drees, “Staging Sleep: Labor, Care, and Rest in Contemporary Performance” (2021)

Jason Fitzgerald, “Exiting Eden: U.S. Avant-Garde Theatre’s Humanist Controversy, 1965-70” (2017)

Ilana Gilovich, “Form and Conformity: Bodysnatching in Anglo-American Drama, 1996-2019” (2023)

Adrian Guo Silver, “Anonymous Performing Subjects”

Annie Holt, “Reading Costume Design: The Rise of the Costume Designer 1850-1920” (2014)

Andy Jo, “Eating the Self: Consumption and the Auto-erotic in Korean Diasporic Theatre and Film”

Ewa Kara, “Beyond the Music: The Contemporary Operatic Scenography of Robert Wilson, Achim Freyer, and Karl-Ernst Herrmann” (2015)

Warren Kluber, “Theatre of Operations / Operating Theatre: Medical Dramaturgies in Anti-War Plays, 1919-2019” (2020)

Emily Ciavarella Kuntz, “Transformed Within, Transformed Without: The Enactment of Religious Conversion in Medieval and Early Modern European Saint Plays” (2020)

Geoffrey Mustafa Lokke, “Documentary Poetics: Poetry and the Origins of Documentary Film”

Emily Lang Madison, “Stages of Emotion: Shakespeare, Performance, and Affect in Modern Anglo-American Film and Theatre” (2019)

Darragh Martin, “The Master of the Rebels: Teenage Encounters with Shakespeare 2014-2012” (2013)

Meadhbh McHugh, “Black Lyric: Trauma and Poetic Language in Contemporary Irish Drama” (2021)

Sarah Ina Meyers, “The Sentient Stage: The Theatrical Uncanny in Contemporary Performance” (2017)

Noémie Ndiaye, “Marking Blackness: Embodied Techniques of Racialization in Early Modern European Theatre” (2017)

Nathaniel Nesmith, “Freedom and Equality Now! Contextualizing the Nexus between the Civil Rights Movement and Drama” (2013)

Eduardo Pavez Goye, “The Melting Iceberg: Metaphors and Political Resistance during Chile’s Post-Dictatorship”

Annie Potter, “Musical Theatre as History Play: Form, Gender, and Historical Representation” (2023)

Olivia Rutigliano, “The Performing Detective: Investigation, Audience, and Acting in Victorian Literary Entertainment”

Rosa Schneider, “Race and Performative Historiogrpahy in the American Theatre, 1978-2014” (2019)

Abby Schroering, “Cultivating Collectivities: Performance and Ecology for the Anthropocene” (2023)

Michelle Shafer, “Shifting Terrain: Landscape, Ecology, and Environmental Theater” (2015)

Jessica Simon, “Mimetic Sensations: Sensation Genres, Victorian Realism, and the Transmission of Feeling” (2019)

Julia Sirmons, “Cinematic Theatricality: Aesthetic of Excess” (2022)

Shilarna Stokes, “Playing the Crowd: Mass Pageantry in Europe and the United States (1905-1935)” (2013)

Catherine (Kate) Suffern, “Claustrophobic Dramaturgy on the English Stage, 1979-Present”

Anna Waller, “Mass Performance and the Dancing Chorus between the Wars, 1918-1939” (2023)

Buck Wanner, “Precarity and Vitality in Downtown Dance in the 1990s” (2020)

Ali Yalgin, “Sensory Infrastructures and Citizenship in Contemporary Theatre and Performance”