Recent and Current Dissertations

Minou Arjomand, “Theatre on Trial: Staging Postwar Justice in the United States and Germany” (2013)

Michi Barrall, “Brand New Worlds: Disney’s Theatre Assemblages” (2019)

Joseph Cermatori, “Traditions of the Baroque: Modernist Stagings of a Concept Between Theory and Performance” (2016)

Amanda Culp, “Searching for Shakuntala: Sanskrit Drama and Theatrical Modernity in Europe and India, 1789-Present” (2018)

Danielle Drees, “Staging Sleep: Labor, Care, and Rest in Contemporary Performance”

Jason Fitzgerald, “Exiting Eden: U.S. Avant-Garde Theatre’s Humanist Controversy, 1965-70” (2017)

Ilana Gilovich, “’Dance out the answer’: Shakespeare and Dance in the Americas”

Annie Holt, “Reading Costume Design: The Rise of the Costume Designer 1850-1920” (2014)

Ewa Kara, “Beyond the Music: The Contemporary Operatic Scenography of Robert Wilson, Achim Freyer, and Karl-Ernst Herrmann” (2015)

Warren Kluber, “Theatre of Operations / Operating Theatre: Medical Dramaturgies in Anti-War Plays, 1919-2019” (2020)

Emily Ciavarella Kuntz, “Transformed Within, Transformed Without: The Enactment of Religious Conversion in Medieval and Early Modern European Saint Plays” (2020)

Emily Lang Madison, “Stages of Emotion: Shakespeare, Performance, and Affect in Modern Anglo-American Film and Theatre” (2019)

Darragh Martin, “The Master of the Rebels: Teenage Encounters with Shakespeare 2014-2012” (2013)

Meadhbh McHugh, “Black Lyric: Trauma and Poetic Language in Contemporary Irish Drama”

Sarah Ina Meyers, “The Sentient Stage: The Theatrical Uncanny in Contemporary Performance” (2017)

Annie Potter, “Musical Theatre as History Play: Form, Gender, and Historical Representation”

Olivia Rutigliano, “The Performing Detective: Investigation, Audience, and Acting in Victorian Literary Entertainment”

Rosa Schneider, “Race and Performative Historiogrpahy in the American Theatre, 1978-2014” (2019)

Abby Schroering, “Cultivating Collectivities: Performance and Ecology for the Anthropocene”

Michelle Shafer, “Shifting Terrain: Landscape, Ecology, and Environmental Theater” (2015)

Jessica Simon, “Mimetic Sensations: Sensation Genres, Victorian Realism, and the Transmission of Feeling” (2019)

Julia Sirmons, “Cinematic Theatricality: Aesthetic of Excess”

Shilarna Stokes, “Playing the Crowd: Mass Pageantry in Europe and the United States (1905-1935)” (2013)

Anna Waller, “Mass Performance and the Dancing Chorus between the Wars, 1918-1939”

Buck Wanner, “Precarity and Vitality in Downtown Dance in the 1990s”